Training “Information and Communication Technologies for Legal Professionals”

June 30, 2008 / Comments Off on Training “Information and Communication Technologies for Legal Professionals”


In the period from 26 – 27 June, 2008, the training “Information and Communication Technologies for Legal Professionals” was held at the hotel “Nebojša” on Jahorina. The aim of the training was to inform the representatives of professional associations in the justice sector with the basics of information and communication technologies in order to use them in their everyday work, as well as in the interest of strengthening the internal capacities of their associations. During the training, representatives of associations were able to get acquainted with search strategies, information architecture and web design, databases, etc. The speakers were Saša Madacki (Center for Human Rights of the University of Sarajevo) and Vedran Bejatović (independent expert).

During the training, representatives made suggestions on topics that should be addressed in one of the following training sessions, for example, training in strategic planning and management for associations that have “diluted” membership for better connectivity.

Also, as per participants’ suggestion, the mentor of the working group, Angela Lalović, will, according to submitted documents, make and submit a proposal for a project aimed at capacity building of associations in the field of human resources, i.e. finding a way of financing a person who will carry out the administrative affairs of the secretary of the association.

All members of the associations will be provided with a membership database as well as working versions of websites for those associations that do not have a web site or need to redesign it. Also, all representatives of the association will be given a user account for the EBSCO host database that provides access and search for more than 6000 full-time textbooks in the field of social sciences and humanities.