Training „Creating Policies in the Judiciary“

September 20, 2008 / Comments Off on Training „Creating Policies in the Judiciary“


Training “Creating policies in the judiciary” organized by the Association for Democratic Initiatives, within the project “Strengthening the Role of Professional Associations in the Field of Justice” was held at the „Palas“ Hotel in Banja Luka on September 18 and 19, 2008. The aim of the training was to introduce the representatives of professional associations in the justice sector with the possibility of using practical policies for realizing the interests of the associations they come from.

Within the framework of the training, with lecturers Vladimir Pavlović and Milan Sitarski (Belgrade Open School – BOŠ), representatives of associations had the opportunity to get to know and discuss the following topics: practical politics and practical political community, purpose and types of practical policy proposals, cycles of practical policies, analysis of practical policy proposals, preparation of presentations of practical policy proposals and, finally, presentation of practical policy proposals.
As one of the final and accompanying training activities, it was agreed that the members of the working group would draft their own proposal of practical policies. The proposal should address the “Law on the Position of Judges and Prosecutors of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, and the way to get the appropriate political decision and support from the decision maker. Some suggestions submitted by the members of the working group will be listed as examples in the final publication planned for the very end of JUP BiH project.