Fair of NGOs in BiH – “Volunteer! Choose a task be a change ”

June 4, 2016 / Comments Off on Fair of NGOs in BiH – “Volunteer! Choose a task be a change ”


On June 04, 2016, representatives of the Association for Democratic Initiatives participated in a promotional fair of NGOs in BiH, entitled “Volunteer! Choose a task be a change ”. The fair was held in Sarajevo in front of the BBI Center.

This year’s fair of NGOs and grantees of the US Embassy in BiH was organized by the US Embassy in BiH, together with the Mosaic Foundation and the MaŠta Agency. The fair provided an opportunity for all participants to present their activities, projects and goals to citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, representatives of national and foreign institutions, as well as to the media, through a fun and educational program, with an emphasis on volunteering as a driving force for development. and community progress.