Five NGOs presented report on monitoring implementation of judicial reform at BiH Justice Ministers Conference

July 10, 2010 / Comments Off on Five NGOs presented report on monitoring implementation of judicial reform at BiH Justice Ministers Conference


The Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI), together with the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in BiH, Association Your Rights BiH, Tuzla Human Rights Bureau and the Centers for Civil Initiatives, prepared a semi-annual CSO Report on the implementation of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Strategy for reform of the justice sector (AP JSRS) in BiH, which was presented at the Conference of Ministers of Justice in BiH on June 30, 2010, as well as at the Ninth Meeting of Donors in the BiH Justice Sector on July 7 this year.

On behalf of all five organizations, director of ADI Snježana Ivandić addressed the authorities and presented the aforementioned report – which monitors the work of all relevant justice sector institutions in BiH in the implementation of reform activities and measures set out in the BiH Justice Sector Reform Strategy. Ms. Ivandić stated that the readiness to cooperate and exchange information is one of the positive examples of opening the reform processes of the judiciary institutions to the non-governmental sector.

Ms Ivandić also emphasized that the report calls on BiH justice sector institutions to be more committed to the reform processes in the judiciary, and emphasizes the need to overcome existing problems when it comes to the implementation of the Strategy, such as frequent failure of government officials to attend work group meetings, lack of quality communication between competent institutions, continuous changes of implementation deadlines for reform activities, etc.

The monitoring activity of the JSRS AP was established by the signing of a Memorandum on the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy in Bosnia and Herzegovina (JSRS) by five non-governmental organizations with the Ministry of Justice of BiH, as the elected representative of all justice sectoral institutions in BiH in January 2010.

Drawing on years of advocacy experience in the field of democratization and human rights protection, and knowledge of issues in the justice sector in BiH, these organizations have become involved in the reporting process with the aim of contributing to the building of an independent and efficient BiH justice system, accountable to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and tailored to their needs.

The report, the summarized translation of the report in English, as well as the presentation of the report can be downloaded using the following links: