Project ”Equality in Rights Programme – Antidiscrimination phase 2”

July 4, 2011 / Comments Off on Project ”Equality in Rights Programme – Antidiscrimination phase 2”

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After introducing the issue of discrimination to students throughout the first phase which Association for Democratic Initiatives Sarajevo did in partnership with Youth Initiative for Human Rights, the students expressed their interest for continuing to work on this issue. They also expressed their will to introduce Anti-discrimination law to other students in other cities, becauase of the fact that many problems we face today are actually problems that can be classified as discrimination.

For this reason, Association for Democratic Initiatives in partnership with Youth Initiatives for Human Rights continued its work within the second phase of the Project, supported by the international organization for protection of human rights – Civil Rights Defenders.

Project focus groups are young people, mostly law students, political science students, journalists, economists and sociologists attending universities in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Brčko, Bihać and Tuzla. They will be able to apply their knowledge about discrimination through considerable and more devoted solutions when it comes to discrimination against persons with disabilities in educational institutions.

The aim of the project is to help students understand mechanisms of protection that is provided by law, and to teach them to equally treat students with disabilities, how to recognize discrimination, and to be informed about their rights. Additionally, the aim of the project is to teach students about possible legal actions that can be used to prevent discrimination against students with disabilities. Students will also be animated to undertake more activities in advocacy and in fight against discrimination.

The primary goal of the training is to introduce young people to the Anti-discrimination law, while the main parts of the training will be:

  1. Hate crimes
  2. Practice in sanctioning discrimination and violation of human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Debate about discrimination in local communities
  4. Domestic solutions and the issue of harmonization of laws in the field of discrimination
  5. Developing the skills of young people in advocacy – public policy
  6. Developing the skills of young people in advocacy – public relations and promotion of human rights.

All training sessions will be led by prominent experts in the field of legal action against discrimination (the OSCE, The Institution of Human Rights Ombudsperson of BiH) as well as specialists in research, advocacy and public action in the field of human rights.