The fifth training held in Brčko under the second phase of the Antidiscrimination Project

November 15, 2011 / Comments Off on The fifth training held in Brčko under the second phase of the Antidiscrimination Project


Within the project “Equality in Rights Program – Antidiscrimination phase 2″ in the period November 13 – 14, 2011, the fifth training session was held in Brčko. The organizers of the training were the Association for Democratic Initiatives Sarajevo and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights. The training was held in cooperation with the OSCE, the Ombudsperson Institution and the Center for Youth Development ” PRONI ” Brčko. The program is sponsored by the international civil rights organization Civil Rights Defenders. The training was attended by 16 young people from Brčko District.

The first day of training began with the presentation of a representative of the Ombudsperson Institution Predrag Raosavljević. The lecture was about the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination and the role of the Ombudsperson Institution in BiH. Following the presentation by Mr. Raosavljević, Ms. Dejana Čopić, also representative of the Ombudsperson Institution, introduced the participants with a several examples of discrimination practices she encountered in her work.

After a one-hour presentation by representatives of the Ombudsperson Institution in BiH, the training was continued by Nina Šeremet, an activist who introduced the participants to the legal mechanisms of protecting human rights and eliminating discrimination. Also, during the training there was a debate on the concept and subjects of discrimination.

The second day of training was also started by Nina Šeremet, who analyzed the Anti-Discrimination Law with the participants.

The training was continued by Jasmin Jašarević from the Association Center for Youth Development “PRONI” on the topic “Discrimination in the Local Community – Discrimination Against Young People and National Minorities in the Field of Employment”. Mr. Jašarević presented to the participants the results of the research conducted by the Tuzla Youth Resource Center in February 2010.

After presenting the results, the participants learned more about the recommendations made during the research. Namely, the conclusions reached imply the need to implement more activities aimed at corruption issues in BiH, especially in the areas of discrimination regarding gender, national and religious affiliation, then launching activities in the field of protection of youth rights and equal opportunities for obtaining employment and education in BiH, working on activities related to the promotion of the Anti-Discrimination Law in BiH, strengthening the capacity of associations protecting the rights of national minorities, youth and women in BiH to combat discrimination. Participants had numerous questions and discussions followed.

At the end of the training, participants were given certificates confirming their attendance.