Tomislavgrad – attack on the mosque in Omerovići

September 4, 2015 / Comments Off on Tomislavgrad – attack on the mosque in Omerovići


On August 15, 2015, an attack on a mosque in Omerovići near Tomislavgrad was reported. A group of ten young men drove to the mosque with two vehicles, took out a gas bottle, after which they placed it outside the entrance to the mosque’s yard and released gas from the bottle. Afterwards, they broke glass on one of the cars parked near the mosque and headed for a nearby barn, where they sent derogatory curses to a Bosniak person who then hid in a barn. The attackers then damaged his vehicle and headed in the direction of Posušje.

On August 16, organized by police reaction from Tomislavgrad, police arrested six young men (Croats) suspected of committing this crime, which at the same time caused insecurity, fear and violated interpersonal relations in the municipality of Tomislavgrad.

On September 03, 2015, ADI’s team for monitoring of incidents that have elements of a hate crime organized a meeting with representatives of the police department and representatives of local authorities. During the talks, it was concluded that such incidents pose a threat to the peaceful and dignified life of all citizens in Tomislavgrad municipality, and if the perpetrators are not properly sanctioned the seeds of hatred will be sown and new events with a similar motive will happen again.