Contribution of the academic community to the protection of human rights in BiH – CAHR project

January 10, 2021 / Comments Off on Contribution of the academic community to the protection of human rights in BiH – CAHR project

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Primary focus of the project “Contribution of the academic community to the protection of human rights in BiH – CAHR project” is on violations of citizens’ rights that were caused by the work of institutions and individuals in political functions. Cases of violation of rights, recorded by civil society organizations in BiH, can be classified into several categories (Freedom of Opinion and Information, freedom of Peaceful Assembly and Association and freedom to Free Movement).

The concept of protection and promotion of human rights will be provided through an innovative approach of networking of academic institutions and civil society organizations. Bearing in mind that the communication between these two sectors concerning protection of rights did not work best in the previous period, the project will address the joint advocacy activities of these two sectors. An integral part of these advocacy activities will be both investigative journalists and people who are recognized as human rights defenders and who form the basis of communication on the project with academic representatives. The network established in this way will work on a negotiation session with institutions on topics related to human rights violations.

The second part of the project activities is related to the policy dialogue developed between institutions and other stakeholders to improve policies and practices that lead to human rights violations. The network established through the project will discuss, communicate and advocate for change with our public through public dialogue, public consultation activities and supporting processes initiated by civil society in the protection of human rights.

Monitoring of human rights violations will be presented by providing reports of fighting for human rights protection (two reports) with recommendations to ministries at all levels and Institution of ombudsman for human rights.

Communication to the public is a significant segment of the project that will be addressed through the campaign and conference. In this way, the goal is to include academic workers in public space and get their opinion on social events and phenomena related to human rights violations.

Project is implemented by University of Business Engineering and Management – PIM University and Association for Democratic Initiatives (ADI)

Implementation period of the project: January 01, 2021 – December 31, 2022

The project is supported by the European Union.

More about the project can be found here:…)/10028